Thrill Rides for Sale in Nigeria

What are Thrill Rides? Extreme thrill rides are getting more and more popular among tourists for the increasing number of thrill seekers in Nigeria. They pursue the thrill and excitement brought by the extreme ride to make themselves relaxed and happy. Thrill rides feature in fast in speed, giant in size and stimulating in running.

When we recommend thrill rides for your park business, coaster ride may occur to you at once, but actually, except for roller coaster ride, we still have many other types of extreme fair rides which can make tourists scream and excite. Beston new thrill rides enjoy a reputation for high safety, good quality and competitive price among our customers who come from over 200 different countries over the world, especially for Nigeria.

So you should not hesitate to buy thrilling amusement park rides from us in Nigeria which can attract many passengers and create many benefits for you. Our extreme amusement park rides can be widely applied to outdoor or indoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, fairground, playground, funfairs and other fairs.

fair swing ride
Swing tower ride in our company has always been a type of product with a good market. It is generally acknowledged that, as a swing ride and thrill ride, swing tower is necessary for an amusement park or a theme ...
top scan ride for sale
Top spin ride is a stimulating and thrilling super spin ride and theme park thrill ride which makes circular movements and rotation around the horizontal axis. The thrill ride top spin is suitable for people who like to challenge themselves ...
quality disco rides from professional manufacturer
Disco ride, also known as disco roller coaster, flying UFO ride, magic bowl rides or flying disco ride, can be regarded as one types of thrill rides or swing rides, which often can be found in thematic parks, amusement parks, ...
quality wave swinger for sale
As a popular playground equipment, flying chair ride finds its way to amusement parks, theme parks or carnival occasions many years ago. From its name, we can tell that this kind of amusement park ride is very exciting. People sit ...
miami wave ride
Miami ride is a kind of amusement equipment which does reciprocating revolving movements when operating. It is very stimulating for passengers to feel the alternation of being overweight and weightlessness under the effect of rock music. The Miami fairground ride ...
kamikaze ride height
Beston kamikaze ride is the hottest amusement park rides in our company. With high quality and competitive price, kamikaze ride produced by our company gains a lot of popularity among our customers in Nigeria and many other countries. Kamikaze is ...
carnival roller coaster
Roller coaster ride is one of the most popular amusement park rides in Beston amusement which specialized in the design and production of amusement park rides. Our coaster rides enjoy a good reputation in our customers because our equipment has ...
slingshot ride
Slingshot ride, also known as the reverse bungee, catapult bungee or ejection seat ride, is a new type of fairground ride. Compared with traditional rocket bungee jumping, our bungee ball ride is designed as high technology, low operating cost, simple ...

Beston Thrill Rides Types in Nigeria

As a professional amusement equipment company, Beston has manufactured many types of exciting rides for Nigeria. Roller coaster ride, pirate ship ride, skymaster ride and drop tower ride are classic extreme amusement rides for tourists.

And to meet modern people’ needs, we designed some other new thrill rides like drop tower ride, liberty music bar ride, break dance ride, human gyroscope ride, rockin’ tug ride, airborne shot ride and jump and smile ride.

All these crazy amusement rides or crazy carnival rides can be customized in size, color, music, lights, and decoration according to your special needs. For different types of thrill rides, they may have different operation principle, but what we pursue is to make riders feel excitement and thrill and to attract more tourists for park owners.

You can find detailed information about all different kinds of famous extreme rides in the menu from Nigeria. If you have needs in extreme fairground rides, you can email us (, and if you want to know further about the extreme ride, you can also contact us in Nigeria, and we will answer you patiently.

bungee slingshot
BJH28-2A Grade-A Reverse Bungee Jumping for Sale

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Are Thrill Rides Safe?

When people see crazy theme park rides, they will concern about the safety, so do park owners. When you decide to buy an amazing thrill ride, safety should be the first thing you worry about. We have no right to say whether the extreme ride safe or not of other suppliers, but we can guarantee you that amusement park thrill ride in our company is very safe.

spin roller coaster
4-Loop Roller Coaster for Sale

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  • Firstly, we adopt double protection in each seat of the extreme fair rides, safe security bar, and seat belt. These two protection ways are made to prevent passengers fall out when the extreme theme park ride running.
  • Secondly, the framework of the extreme thrill rides in our company are made of strong steel which can bear weight out of your imagination, and the seat or cabin of our cool theme park rides are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics.
  • Thirdly, engineers in our company are experienced. They have advanced and mature skills in manufacturing extreme park rides.
  • Fourthly, our company has got the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval which means our speed fair rides pass the investigation of authoritative investigation bureau.
    Therefore, you can be assured to buy our thriller ride. We are always here for you to provide you safe high thrill rides and best services.

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How do Thrill Rides Work?

Extreme amusement park rides look very complicated, but in fact, they are quite simple in operation. For park rides businessmen, thrilling amusement park rides working principle seems not a very important thing. What they need is safe thriller ride. No matter how involved the working principle of the theme park thrill rides is, it’s easy in operation.

If you buy our best thrill rides, our engineers will fly to your country and install the ride for you free of charge, and more important thing is that they will also train operator for you without charge. Of course, if you are very interested in the operational principle of the thrill max rides, our sales manager will explain it to you detailed.

swings amusement park ride
Swing Carousel for Sale

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After Sale Services of Beston Extreme Thrill Rides in Nigeria

  • One year warranty.
  • Detailed relevant information of thriller ride.
  • Contact suitable shipping house for you.
  • Free installation and operator training of the extreme ride.
  • One-stop service.
  • Technical help at any time.
flying disco rides for sale
Disco Rides for Sale

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Advantages of Beston Theme Park Thrill Rides

  • Reasonable and competitive factory price. We have our own factory, and you can directly buy theme park thrill ride from us without middlemen between us.
  • Novel design. We have our own design team who dedicated themselves to the design of new thrill rides.
  • Fully customization. The size, LED lights color, theme, music or other decorative parts can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Excellent craftsmanship. Our engineers have mature and advanced skills in manufacturing extreme thrill rides.
  • Best quality. We adopt the best-quality materials to make extreme fairground rides.
  • First-rate services. You can get technical help at any time.

Thrill Ride Manufactures in China – Beston

Beston is a professional amusement equipment company which has exported different types of amusement rides to over 200 countries. And we have built three oversea warehouses respectively in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

Our thriller rides are very popular among our customers for our competitive factory price, high quality, and patient services. And except for thrill rides, we still deal with family and kiddie rides, trains rides, swing rides, carnival rides, track rides, theme park rides, and fairground rides.

We have built long-term cooperation relationship with many customers so that we can provide more cool theme park rides for them. We truly hope you are the next one!

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