Top Spin Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Top spin ride is a stimulating and thrilling super spin ride and theme park thrill ride which makes circular movements and rotation around the horizontal axis. The thrill ride top spin is suitable for people who like to challenge themselves. The top flip ride can be often seen in outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other funfairs which enjoys a high popularity for its varied application, quick returns, and stimulation.

top scan ride for sale
Beston Top Spin Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Model: BNTP-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Swing Diameter: 8.25m
Speed: 8.64rpm
Height: 9.42 m
Power: 40kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+steel
Service Life: 8 years

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The top spin ride can be classified into two kinds of transmission structures: hydraulic and mechanical. Our best top spin ride features in passengers rolling back and forth as the running of the spinning amusement park ride. When riding on top spin attraction, riders could fully feel the sense of weightlessness which is like traveling in the space. Our top spin theme park ride is very popular among teenagers for its excitement and thrill.

Our top spin amusement park ride can accommodate 16/20 people at one time, and there are two rows of seats in one top spin amusement ride, sitting back to back when passengers getting into the spinning carnival ride. The two arms of the top spin ride at the fair, connecting with the seat, drive the ride rotating from 90 degrees to 720 degrees. And the rotation speed of the top spin can up to 6r/m. In addition, two rows of seats in top spin fresh ride themselves will also spin with the driving of gravity and mechanical force.

Top Spin Fair Ride

As a spaced themed ride and spinning amusement park ride, our top spin theme park ride stands out among other spinny rides and fair rides, such as chair flying rides, giant frisbee ride, playground ferris wheel, tagada disco, roller coaster ride, paratrooper ride, cup and saucer ride, energy storm ride, among others.

Our top spin fairground ride is characteristic of high capacity, small area taking and quick returns. We can customize the size, color or theme of the top spin fair ride according to your special requirements without extra charge.

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20 seats top spin for sale

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  • High capacity. Our fair rides top spin can hold 16/20 people at one time. We design the seat of the thrill ride top spin as back to back to make the giant top spin ride accommodate more people. And in each seat, we adopt safe security bar and seatbelt as a slingshot ride to protect passengers from falling out of the giant top spin.
  • Small area taking. Our mini top spin just takes a 10*11*10m space which is much smaller than a roller coaster ride. But you can get a quick return in this small area taking amusement equipment. According to our customers’ feedbacks, our suspended top spin is very attractive to tourists for its novel design and stimulating running. So a mini top spin ride will be a wise investment for your business.
  • Top flip. From the top spin video, you can see that our top spin fair ride has another feature that it can flip ups and downs when the spaced themed ride is running. With passengers’ heads pointing the ground, they feel like travel in the space with the sense of weightlessness riding on the top spin carnival ride.
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top spin ride at the fair for sale

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Top Spin Ride Control

A top spin ride is controlled by an electric control cabinet which is quite like other amusement park rides. In the electric control cabinet, the operator can operate the top spin amusement park rides easily because there are clear instructions, such as start, stop, and emergency.

When passengers sit well in the top spin fair ride, the operator should check whether they are protected by safety pressure bar and seatbelt, and then the operator can press the start button. The emergency button is designed to deal with some unforeseen circumstances such as power down. Top spin ride control is very simple, and our engineers will train operator for you free of charge after the installation of the giant top spin.

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Beston Top Scan Rides for Sale

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Top Spin Ride Cost

We know that the purpose of producing amusement rides is not only to create happiness for people but also to create benefits for investors. Top spin cost is decided by its size, raw materials, and decoration. Here a thing needs to mention is that price should not be the only thing you consider.

We can see that a top spin amusement ride mainly consists of two support columns, six stabilizing columns, two arms, seat part, and a rotation axis. The two support columns and six stabilizing columns are designed to make the top spin fresh ride operates steadily. Two arms are connected with the seat part. The two main arms drive the rotation of the seat under the power of the multi-directional DC motor, and the rotation axis is to provide a support for the rotation of the two arms.

The columns and the rotation axis are made of good-quality steel, and the seat part is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics. What’s more, the motor we adopt is the multi-directional DC motor which has a more excellent performance than traditional motors. The paint is car-grade which is non-fading even in the rainy or snowy day. All these factors are directly relevant to the top spin cost.

Although we cannot ensure that our top spin theme park ride is in lowest price in amusement ride sector, what we can assure you is the best quality of the top spin thrill ride and first-rate services.

As a professional amusement equipment accompany, we specialized in the design and production of different rides in the amusement park, and we have our own factory which means there is no middleman between us and you can enjoy the factory price of the top spin fair ride. So if you have any needs in top spin amusement ride or other popular theme park rides, we are always here for you!

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top spin ride for sale

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Spinny Rides

Except for top spin rides, Beston group also provides other super spin ride, such as chairoplanes, giant frisbee ride, playground ferris wheel, tagada disco, roller coaster ride, paratrooper ride, cup and saucer ride, energy storm ride, ferris wheel, carousel, octopus ride, samba balloon ride, jellyfish amusement park rides for kids, pirate ship ride, among others.

Therefore if you have any needs in top spin ride or other spinning carnival rides, please feel free contact us, and we will provide you best-quality amusement equipment and excellent services.

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