Trackless Train for Sale in Nigeria

Trackless train rides, also known as mall train ride or mini express trackless train, are one type of functional amusement equipment powered by chisel, diesel or electric motor. We have different types of trackless trains, such as diesel trains, tourist train, trackless train for kids, vintage classic trackless rides, ocean-themed tourist train, elephant small train rides, Thomas electric mall train, London-style trackless train amusement ride, among others. if you are interested in our electric mall train, welcome to inquire or to directly visit the factory.

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Beston BTTR-01 Trackless Train for Sale

most popular trackless train
BTTR-02 Mos Popular Trackless Train for Sale in Beston

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The cabins of the trackless ride are made of fine fiberglass reinforced plastics, solid wood or iron sheet, and the spray paint of the trackless train ride is special car-grade paint which makes the trackless train glamorous and can bring good benefits to your amusement park, theme park or playground. Our trackless train ride can be widely used in squares, shopping malls, amusement parks, pedestrian streets, resorts, schools, zoos, gardens, scenic areas, birthday parties or festival occasions etc.

Beston Trackless Train Types Popular in Nigeria

We design different types of trackless train rides according to their application and power because different customers have different needs, and what we need to do is to try to help them in business. We all know that trackless train rides have a wide application such as outdoor scenic spot, gardens, parks, squares, or indoor shopping malls.

Therefore, to meet your varied needs, we design and produce different kinds of trackless trains.

  • Firstly, according to the powered engine, we produce diesel trains and electric trackless train.
  • Secondly, for their different applications, the trackless train can be classified into electric mall train, tourist train and trackless train for kids.
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BTTR-03 Diesel Train for Sale

Model: BTTR-03
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 16 adults or 24 kids
Loco Size:2900*1160*1920mm
Turning Radius:3.5m
Max Speed:10km/h
Power:3 kw
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diesel trackless train rides
BTTR-04 Diesel Trackless Trains for Sale

Model: BTTR-04
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 40 adults or 50 kids
Loco Size: 4300*1880*2200mm
Dimension: 15300*1880*2200mm
Turning Radius: 5.5m
Max Speed: 25km/h
Power: 12 kw
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·Diesel Trains for Sale in Nigeria from China Factory

Our diesel trackless train is an imitation of European steam trains which enjoy a reputation of well-performed, quiet and environmentally-friendly. Because of the powered engine, our diesel trackless train will have some emissions, but the emissions reach the European standard No.3.

The lovely appearance of our trackless train rides is very popular among customers and passengers since the trackless train finds its way to market. Electricity-controlled diesel engine provides a good power and each diesel trackless train can accommodate almost 60 people which is an ideal transportation in the large scenic area, amusement park, forest park or theme park.

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BTTR-05 Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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amusement park trackless train rides
Beston BTTR-06 Amusement Park Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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·Quality Electric Trackless Train for Nigeria Customer

An electric trackless train is a kind of amusement park train powered by electric motor. Comparing with diesel trackless train, the electric trackless train is smaller in bearing capacity, but it is totally pollution free, and it can be applied to outdoor and indoor places. The reason why our electric mall trains are so popular is that we produce them with large capacity battery, solid steel frame, not-fading paint, easy operation and friendly for the environment.

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BTTR-07 Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Model: BTTR-07
Combine: 1 locomotive +3 coachs
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Carriage: 4 adult or 6 kids/coach
Capacity: 12 adults or 18kids
Locomotive Size: 207*105*180mm
Carriage Size: 158*100*171 mm
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thomas trackless train rides
BTTR-08 Thomas Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Model: BTTR-08
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 16 adults or 24 kids
Loco Size: 2900*1160*1920mm
Dimension: 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning Radius:3.5m
Max Speed: 10km/h
Range: 80km
Power: 3 kw
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·Electric Mall Train for Sale in Nigeria

Mini electric train shopping mall is specially designed for shopping malls. If you are an owner of a shopping center, our mall train ride will bring convenience and benefit for you because we provide an ideal transport way for passengers in your shopping mall.

We are proud to introduce our mall train to you for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, generally speaking, a shopping mall is too big for people to walk out, and when they are tired, a mini express trackless train will be their perfect choice. And a mall train ride will be a good news for people who have kids because they can ride it with their kids and they don’t have to worry about the safety of their kids.
  • What’s more, an electric mall train can take customers to any exit they want to go. Therefore, a mall train ride can make your mall more interesting and it will be a great help for your shopping mall.
mini electric train shopping mall
BTTR-09 Electric Trackless Train for Sale

Model: BTTR-09
Capacity: 14 persons
Material: steel and fiberglass
Cabin: one locomotive & three wagons
Locomotive Size: 2250*1100*2000mm
Coach Size: 2000*1100&2000mm
Turing Diameter: 8m
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BTTR-10 Electric Mall Train for Sale

Model: BTTR-10
Capacity: 14 persons
Material: steel and fiberglass
Cabin: one locomotive & three wagons
Locomotive Size:2250*1100*2000mm
Coach Size: 2000*1100&2000mm
Turing Diameter: 8m
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·Tourist Train Rides for Sale in Nigeria

For large scenic areas, the tourist train we recommend diesel trackless train because this kind of trackless ride has a large capacity of almost 60 people at one time, and in some smaller places like gardens, zoos, schools, parks, we advise you electric trackless train because it’s small in size and glamorous in appearance.

The cabins of our tourists’ train are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics which is very solid in quality and almost impossible to transform. We paint car-grade paint on the surface of our mini express trackless train which is not-fading. And the battery we employ is large capacity. Once charge can last more than a 10-hour run.

diesel trains for sale
BTTR-11 Tourists Train for Sale

Model: BTTR-11
Size: 4845mm×1480mm×2100mm
Parameters: One locomotive, one coaches
Max Speed: 35km/h
Weight: 1320kg
Total Capacity: 28 persons
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·Trackless Train for Kids in Nigeria

The trackless train for kids is designed gearing towards little kids. Kids trackless trains are attractive in appearance and lovely in music. We also have varied-themed trackless trains for kids, such as elephant trackless train, ocean trackless train, and royal trackless train. For these kinds of trackless train, there are normally one locomotive and four cabins, and each cabin can hold four people. Trackless train for kids can be easily found in zoos, squares, gardens, and parks.

All these types of trackless rides are available in our company, but if you have your own idea on the design of the trackless train ride, we can customize for you, and the customization will charge no extra money. Therefore, if you are looking for a trackless train ride, please contact us freely, and we will provide you good trackless train and best services.

vintage trackless train
BTTR-12 Vintage Trackless Train for Sale

tourist train manufacturers
BTTR-13 Trackless Trains for Sale Cheap

Thomas train
BTTR-14 Thomas Trackless Train for Kids

amusement park Train rides
BTTR-15 Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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After-Sales Services

  • Solid steel framework. The frame of our trackless train ride is made of solid steel which is very strong to bear high weight and impossible to transform.
  • Varied types. We have varied types of electric mall train for you to choose, and we also can customize for you with no extra charge.
  • Competitive price. All parts of the trackless train are produced on our own, so the price we offer you is factory price with no middlemen.
tourist train
BTTR-16 Tourist Trackless Train Rides for Sale Cheap

mall train
BTTR-17 Mall Train Rides for Sale

Interested in Beston Trackless Train Rides?

Trackless Train Manufacturer in China

As a professional trackless train manufacturer, Henn Beston is already mature in the skill of manufacturing trackless train rides. All trackless train parts are made meticulously and skillfully by our skilled staff. Our staff carefully finish every order from you and sometimes at the expense of working overtime. Your satisfaction is the first thing we pursue. Please give us an opportunity, and give an opportunity to our trackless train rides. Of course, as a professional amusement park rides company, the trackless train ride is not the only thing we have. We still manufacture other amusement rides, such as ferris wheel, carousel, roller coaster rides, energy storm rides, chair swing rides, teacup rides, track train rides etc. So please contact us if you have any needs in amusement equipment, and we will surprise you.

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BTTR-18 Hot Sale Trackless Train in Beston Factory

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BTTR-19 Trackless Train for Sale

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